From 1909 to the Present, the Reunion has ended with group singing of "God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again." 

1927 -  Song with ukelele accompaniment - Katherine Kiefer, Jr.

          Recitations - Lowell VanTilburgh, Glenna Mae Westfall, Ruth Vantilburgh

          Song with piano accompaniment - Glenna Mae Westfall

1928 - Quintet of male voices - Margaret Vantilburg, pianist

1929 - Orchestra from Bradford - Mr. and Mrs. Lee, Robert Vantilburgh and 3 friends

1930 - Song, "Bill Grogan's Goat" - Elmer Lee Ketzel

1932 - Dance - Vera Ellen Rowe of Cincinnati (note:  Vera Ellen later starred in the film, "White  Christmas" with Bing Crosby)

1934 - Song - Shirley Ann and Alice Mae Ketzel

          Piano Solo - Eleanor Dea Vantilburg, Ruth Virginia Ketzel

          Song - Mildred and Dorothy Anthony

          Harp Selections - Glenwood Ketzel, Lester Vantilburgh

          Song - Philip Brandon

1936 - Accordion Duet - Lillian Westfall and Carey Van Tilburgh Roeth

          Song - Philip Brandon

1937 - Recitation - Harold Duffy

          Song - Dick, Jean, and Joan Pearson

          Song - Aiice Mae and Shirley Ann Ketzel

          Recitation - Jean Pearson and Otis Ray Vantilburgh

          Xylophone Solo - Eleanor Dea Vantilburg

          Accordion Solo - Jim VanTilburg, Jr.

1945 - Group Singing

          Recitation - Louise Pearson

          Poems by Ralph Vantilburgh - read by Edith Vantilburgh

          "The Story of Mary Sawyer" - read by Joan, Nancy and Janet Pearson

          Song, "Someday I'll Sing With the Angels" - Glenna Mae and Lillian Westfall

          Song, "Bell Bottom Trousers" - Janet and Nancy Pearson

          Song, "Wonderful Words of Life" - Harold Pearson

          Vocal Duet - Lester and Carrie Roeth

          Vocal Selections - Vivian Baskett, Glenna and Lillian Westfall

          Accordion Solos - Shirley and Alice Mae Ketzel

1959 - Recollections of 6 members present at first reunion

          Song, "In the Garden" - Tom Hinkle, Lillian Markley, Elmer Lee Ketzel

          Presentation of family history booklets commemorating 50 Reunions  - Eleanor  Dea Vantilburg Hinkle in memory of Charles Kenneth Vantilburg

1963 - Master of Ceremonies - Bob Markley

          Song, "In the Garden" - Joan Fosnight, Jean Woolery, Nancy Bierly, Cheryl Pearson

          Poem by Ralph Vantilburgh - read by Bambi Vantilburgh

          Song, "Let There Be Peace On Earth" - Dale, Doug, Dan and Dave Fpsnight

          Poem - recited by Edith Vantilburgh

          Song Medley - Bruce Markley

          Song - Westfall Quartet

          Song - Judy, Janice, Joyce Weekley

          Duets - Herb and Gary Van Tilburgh, Bill and Bob Markley

1971 - Poem, "The Family Reunion" - read by Luella Vantilburgh

1977 - Harmonica Selections - Lester Roeth, Arthur Weekley

          "Bones" originally belonging to Ray Van Tilburgh - played by Arthur Weekley

          Song, "Oh, How I Love Jesus" - Dianna and Joan Fosnight

          Song, "Let All Creatures Praise the Lord" - Janice McCann, Joyce Weekley

          Recollections of 1928 trip and Lester Vantilburgh - Carrie Roeth

1979 - Poem, "Forty Years Ago," and Recollections of the 1st Reunion - Herbert Van Tilburgh

          Family History Information - Lowell Van Tilburgh

          Song - Art and Glenna Weekley, Jim and Jan McCann, Gerhart and Judy Richter, Joyce Weekley

 1984 - Songs - Ginnie, Patty and Mark Bragger, Jr.

1988 - Presentation of Van Tilburgh Family history book by Susie Hale in memory of her mother, Eleanor Dea Vantilburg Hinkle and to commemorate 80 Reunions

1998 - Song,"What A Day That Will Be" - Elmer Lee Ketzel, Tom Hinkle, Susie Hale