Careful attention to family history has been a priority since 1909 for the Van Tilburgh family gatherings.  Births, deaths and marriages have been faithfully and meticulously recorded each year in the Reunion minutes.  Among the secretaries who have maintained correspondence and preserved this valuable information are:
Mary Van Tilburgh Brandon
Ray Compton
Bertha Van Tilburgh Reichman
Sadie Speelman Anthony
Ruth Van Tilburgh Sipple
Edwin Brandon
Lillian Westfall Markley
Eleanor Vantilburg Hinkle
Lola Burgess Ketzel
Carrie Van Tilburgh Roeth
Virginia Vantilburgh
Leona Patty Vantilburgh
Ruth Virginia Ketzel Chambers
Edith Vantilburgh
Glenna Mae Westfall Weekley
Judy Kay Van Tilburgh
Jean Pearson Woolery
Joan Pearson Fosnight
Luella Vantilburgh Bragger
Louise Ketzel Allen